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7 Advantages to Working with a REALTOR®

As you might know, REALTORS® are not just real estate agents.  They are members of the National Association of REALTORS®, meaning that they must adhere to a stricter code of ethics.  Below are some of the guaranteed advantages that come from working with a member of this distinguished group of real estate professionals:

  1. An expert guide – at your service.  Besides market and area knowledge, a REALTOR® will be able to navigate the seemingly myriad of documents and effectively interpret all of the technical industry jargon.
  2. Objectivity.  Buying and selling property should be about your, the client’s, wants and needs and not influenced by anyone else’s bias towards schools, neighborhoods, utilities, etc.
  3. Marketing power.  You have access to their treasure trove of contacts to increase the chances of completing your transaction quicker.  They are also likely to have more pre-qualified buyers for a seller and to know good lender recommendations for a buyer needing pre-qualification.
  4. Negotiation expertise.  REALTORS® have a lot of practice working with different types of people and have expertly honed their negotiating skills through past transactions and additional training.  They know every angle to consider and all of the factors involved in a negotiation.
  5. Updated experience.  Real estate laws and regulations are constantly changing, but REALTORS® are required to stay up-to-date and knowledgeable about all the latest changes and practices.
  6. Emotional support.  Buying and selling property can be very stressful and emotional for some people, but REALTORS® have helped dozens, maybe even hundreds, of others in your shoes, so they can reassure and support you in times of doubt.
  7. Ethical interactions.  The NAR Code of Ethics for REALTORS® is based on absolute professionalism and protecting the public, so you can count on honest, ethical treatment during your search and transaction processes by an industry expert.

Every real estate agent at John Welty Realty is proud to also be a REALTOR®, and we would be thrilled to have the opportunity to talk with you about your real estate goals and how we can help.

*These points have been adapted from REALTOR® Magazine |

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